Lesson 14- 17: Music Thumbprint



Lesson Time Required: 3-4 classes (50 mins each)

Grade Level and Conceptual Focus:  Grade 6 Identity

Key Inquiry Question: How can students experiment with music to create their own identity?

Required Resources and Materials:


Arts Education Goals Addressed:

  • Creative Productive
  • Critical Responsive

Proposed Learning Outcomes and Indicators:

                C.P. 6.7- Demonstrate increased skills and abilities in the use of voice and instruments

  1. F) Demonstrate focused listening (the students will be encouraged to listen to their favorite songs intently and pick out lyrics that are important to them/ have meaning and value)

C.R. 6.1 – Create personal responses to a variety of arts expressions

  1. B) Recognize that cultural background and experiences affect responses to art expressions and the understanding of symbols and meanings. (Everyone reacts differently to different songs and our experiences and backgrounds can create different responses and reactions to those of our classmates)

C.R. 6.2- Investigate and identify ways that the arts can express ideas about identity

  1. D) Describe why personal and cultural identity is often an important influence in the creation of arts expressions. (When musicians create music they have a specific goal in mind, but when people listen to music they are able to put their own experiences and emotions in that music expressing our different identities)

Cross-curricular Competencies: Developing thinking, developing literacies, developing social responsibility

Connections with Other Areas of Study:

  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Language Arts


Planned Learning Activities:

  • Explain to the class that songs have different meanings for everyone and bring about different reactions, responses and memories. Some songs make us happy, some make us sad, some songs have a special meaning or memory attached to them.


  • Play for the class the song MY BEST FRIEND by Weezer and ask them what they think of the song? Does it remind them of anything? Let the students share their experiences, thoughts or emotions. Then I will explain to the class what it means to me (My best friends are important to me and the song sums up how I feel about them. Also, the song was played at my wedding when my husband and I walked down the aisle after we got married. I got to marry my very best friend)


  • Talk to the class about how music can play an important role in our lives and can play an important part in shaping our identity.


  • Show the kids the thumbprint that I have completed using songs that are important to me or have a specific memory and how these songs shape my identity and a part of who I am.


  • Explain the assignment to them. We will be creating our own thumbprints using songs that are important or have significant meaning to us.


  • Have the students pair up into groups of 2 and pass out scrap paper and inkpads


  • Have the students make an impression of their thumbs once they are done they will hand them in. The teacher will be responsible for making the thumbprints bigger (use a photocopier to enlarge or you can scan them and make them bigger and lighter in Paint program)


  • Once they have done that, have the students wash their hands right away.


  • Students will be then be given time on the computer to research songs that are important to them, that have special meanings or memories or songs that are their favorite. They will need minimum of 1 song maximum of 5. * This is a great opportunity to teach students about safe computer research skills). – Would be best to use a specific website such as AZlyrics as there is minimal ad interruption and it is easy to navigate)


  • As students find their songs they will print them off and show them to the teacher for approval. Songs must not contain inappropriate content or lyrics.


  • Once students have been given approval, they can start writing out their lyrics onto their enlarged thump print. Encourage students to write their lyrics in pencil first so that they can make sure that spelling is correct and positioning is where they want it to be.


  • Students can use all the lyrics of the songs or just certain lyrics. They have creative freedom to arrange them in the order that they want.


  • Once students have finished writing out their lyrics onto the thumbprint, they will use sharpie markers (or other fine tip markers) to trace over their words. Students may use a variety of colors or just one, the choice is up to them.


  • Upon finishing the thumbprints, students will need to write a couple sentences about why they chose each song. This can be done on the back of their thumbprint or on a separate piece of paper.


  • Once all the students are finished they will present their final thumbprints to the class and explain at least one of the songs they have chosen.


  • Upon finishing presentations students will fill out their self assessment forms and hand in their thumbprints and assessments.


Plans for Assessment:


  • Please go through the following assessment, read the questions and circle the answer yes or no


  • I chose at least 1 song YES        NO
  • I had my lyrics checked by the teacher YES        NO
  • I wrote in pencil first and went overtop of my work with marker afterwards YES         NO
  • I wrote about why each song is important to me YES         NO        
  • I used my classtime wisely YES         NO
  • I presented my work to the class YES         NO        
  • While presenting I spoke clearly YES         NO
  • I explained at least one of my songs YES         NO
  • I enjoyed this assignment YES         N0
  • I am proud of my work YES         NO




  4 3 2 1

–          At least 1 song

–          Used pencil first

–          Marker afterwards

Student followed the instruction Student mostly followed instructions, Student struggled to follow instructions Student did not follow instructions
Classtime Student stayed on task and used their classtime wisely  Student stayed mostly on task and used their classtime wisely work was Student had trouble staying on task and using their time wisely Student did no stay on task and did not use their class time wisely



Student spoke clearly and shared at least one of their song choices Student spoke clearly most of the time and shared at least one of their song choices Student did not speak clearly but they did share one their song


Student did not speak clearly and did not share one of their song choices





Self Assessment Student completed the self assessment Student mostly completed the self assessment Student struggled to complete the self assessment Student did not complete the self assessment



Here is

I wound up being sick for my scheduled week 3 placement however, I was able to make up the time later on in the week. This week in English class we worked on a few different things. The first was spelling words. The students did a self- assessment. Mrs. Risdale read the words, the students had to write them down then they were given their worksheets for the week and had to write the words correctly. They then had to come and have their words corrected by either myself of Mrs. R. If they got the word wrong they needed to write in on the back of the page 2 times. I really liked that instead of just having the kids copy their spelling words from the board she got them to first see if they knew how to spell the word correctly or not. It was a great way to challenge the students while still promoting a healthy learning environment. We then corrected our grammar fun Friday pages. Finally to finish up English the students worked on their postcards. Then it was snack and recess.

Mrs. R. and I were on supervision. It was really neat to see how the students interact when they are not in class and the activities that they are drawn to. As we were walking around I got to see how Mrs. R interacts with not only her students but the rest of the students in the school as well, and they all really seem to adore her and have a relationship with her. She knows them all by name. Throughout recess and early morning supervision, I got to know a little bit more about the different students in our class as well as the school. As we passed students Mrs. R. would often share a little tid bit about that specific student.

After recess, we continued with Math. As a class, we corrected our previous work. Mrs. R. has all the students names on popsicle sticks that she pulls from a jar and when she calls your name you give the answer. If a student doesn’t have the correct answer, she will say to the class “ok who wants to help our friend (insert name) and then chose from someone with their hand up. I really like that she uses the popsicle sticks, it allowed for correcting to go by quickly and each student felt like they had a chance to be heard and give the right answer.  We then moved on to the Math lesson for that day which was converting fractions to mixed fractions and then again to decimals. I had the opportunity to sit with one of our students who forgot his glasses at home and couldn’t see anything. I wrote his answers for him and was able to work with him one on one. Had I not have been in the classroom that day, this student would have missed out being able to do his work and would have fallen behind for the day, as teachers don’t always have the time to sit with students one on one.

For me, math is my weakest subject and before whenever students would ask for my help in math I was always hesitant because I was so unsure of myself. I still don’t feel very comfortable in the subject, but after spending some time listening to Mrs. R. teach and working so closely with the students I can confidently say I understand fractions! As a teacher, we are constantly building on our professional knowledge. We do this through taking classes, teaching classes, observing and self-assessing.

the thumbprint I made



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