Grade 6 (Identity) Music Lesson Plan

Here is a Unit Plan that was created by myself and my peers in EDMUSIC 202 together we created 7 lesson plans that span 25 weeks (give or take). We focused on Grade 6 Identity with the following Inquiry Question:

How can students experiment with music to create their own identity?

Weeks 1- 4:  A look into music sampling to create an audio collage (Fair Use Copyright Law). Children would use an editing program to create a short song that includes a mixture of music that they identify with. Lesson plan created by Tara Hanson

Weeks 5-6:  Lesson integrates two forms of art; music and visual art; along with a written component. This teaches our students how to connect with music in a personal way and connect it to their overall identity. Lesson Plan created by Harper Morland

Weeks 7-9: Creating DIY instruments with convenient objects. Lesson Plan created by  Ivy Sheward and Tiana Waldbauer

Weeks 10-13: Teach students how to write songs using popsicle sticks for notes. Using the instruments from Tiana and my additional lesson, play the rhythm for the class and critique them. Lesson Plan Created by Ivy Sheward

Weeks 14-17: Thumbprint lyric mosaic choose 1-5  songs that are important to you- lyrics need to be appropriate choose lyrics that speak to you- write them in thumb shape (different colours, different word sizes) – write description of why important/ why they speak to your identity. Lesson Plan Created by Chelsey Driedger

Weeks 18-19:  Using their DIY instruments, students will explore soundscaping and the way(s) it reflects identity. Lesson Plan Created by Tiana Waldbauer

Weeks 20-25: This lesson will use the process of musical improvisation and visual arts. Students will draw pictures or symbols that convey aspects of their identity and then they will convert these drawings into musical motifs, or longer melodies. Lesson Plans Created by Rebecca



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