Au Revoir

Over the course of the last 3 months I have had the pleasure of learning about digitail citizenship and much more through my ECMP 355 class. Check out my summary of learning blog post to see what I learnt!

For my learning project I chose to learn how to do the waltz along with my husband. There was a lot of stepping on each other’s toes in the beginning, a few curse words when we couldn’t figure out the next step, but mostly lots of laughs. It was a lot of fun being able to spend some one on one time with my husband. That being said, I wish I would have picke a different learning project (something that was done independently). Between work, school the birth of my son and my husband’s work schedule I found it harder co-ordinate practsie times with him than I originally thought it would be.

Although we didn’t learn as many steps as I would have liked to, I think we did well with the steps we did learn.I would have liked to have posted more indvidual progress videos,unfortunately that didn’t happen.I have blogged and documented each section indivudually. Links to all of my individual learning projects posts are located below:

Dance with me! Sway with me!

A Lesson in Waltz

1-2-3 & 4-5-6

Left Box Turn, Right Box Turn

Change & Hesitations

Review & the Lady’s Left Underarm Turn

Waltz, Waltz and more Waltz

When writting my blogs there were a few websites and youtube channels that I found incredibly helpful, they are: This is a blog written by Kimsheard a professional dancer, Her instructions are very clear and I liked that she included diagrams for the visual learners like my husband 😉

dancecentralinfo: I wish I would have foud this site at the beginning when I was researching different dance steps that I wanted to learn. This site is amazing! It lists the dance steps by difficulty level (bronze, silver, gold, ect) and is increidbly detailed. It has videos of practise routines for each different level. If I would have found this site earlier, I would have looked at a silver practise routine and built my learning project around learning the steps in that routine, then using the routine as my final assesment. Take a look at an example here.

ballroomdancers,com: This site had videos for each step however there were only a few that I could access on the free account, the rest you had to purchase a membership for. I thought that the steps I could access were beneficial to my learning experience.


Andy Wong  has an incredible youtube channel full of dance videos. He was by far my favorite online instructor. His instructions were clear and easy to follow and very detailed. I loved that he demonstrated the technique and not just the steps. I definitely recommend you check out his channel if you are wanting to learn how to dance!

Another favorite youtube channel was that of Brett Long.He also has lots of great instructional dance videos that were clear and easy to follow.

When rehearding our dance steps, we liked to use Rains wil fall by Kevin MacLeod. It is an instrumental piece, therefore the words weren’t distracting. It is also a slower tempo, which was easy to practise to.

For our final video (which can be viewed at the end of this post) we danced to one of my favorite songs, Open Arms by Journey. There are lots of great songs out there that are great for waltzing to. Just remember that they have to be in 3/4 time. Here is a list if you are wanting some ideas!

That pretty much wraps up my Learning Project. Thank you for following my blog and I hope you enjoyed my posts. I definitely had a blast learning and even though it was a different experience for me learning strictly through online resources, it was a fun one! Keep checking back as I plan to do another “learning project” on my own time. Maybe I will finally learn to play the guitar, or bake.

Check out our final video for learning the waltz!

Here is the Routine we followed for this video:

1 Left Box Step

2 Left Box Turns

1 Change

1 Right Box

2 Right Box Turns

Hesitation (6 counts)

Lady’s Underarm Turn

Right Box Step


Whisk & Chasse

Hesitation (6 counts)

Reverse Corte





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