Waltz, Waltz and more Waltz!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about my Learning Project and for that I apologize! Things have been a little chaotic around my house as we welcomed our third son Beckam Rylee Gerard on November 10. How cute is he?!

Now back to dance! In my last Learning Project Blog Post we did a review of all the steps we’ve learnt up to this point and added the Ladie’s Underarm Turn. This week’s post will focus on (3/4) new steps (I apologize it is longer than most of other posts, but I have to make up for lost time, so please bare with me)

The first step we looked at is the whisk and chasse. This step is used at the end of a reverse turn, instead of a change step, or when the man has his left foot free and the lady has her right foot free. This step does not turn, instead it moves you straight down the line of dance. It introduces you to the promenade position which is slightly open, as opposed to the closed position which is what we have done the other dance steps.

For time purposes and so as not to bore you, I will go through the men’s footwork. The lady’s footwork is exactly the same but mirrored ( meaning on opposite feet). You can find the step by step instructions for both the men and lady’s footwork here.

1- Take a small step with the Left Foot

2- Right Foot goes to the side. Don’t put your heel down.

3- Left Foot moves behind the Right Foot and Right shoulder. This will open you up into promenade position. Once you transfer the weight to your Left foot toy can lower the right heel. This will set you up to take your next step.

These steps make up the footwork for the whisk.

The chasse has a slightly different count than the rest of the steps we have looked at, in that it is 4 steps counted in 3 beats. It is counted as follows:1-2-and-3.

Again I will walk through the man’s footwork. Both the men’s and lady’s footwork can also be found here.

1- Step forward with the Right Foot

2- Left Foot goes to the side

and- Right Foot Closes to the Left Foot

3- Step Forward and slightly to the side with the Left Foot (This will allow you to go into any natural turn)

Chasse - m

Below is a video of us demonstrating the steps. If you prefer I also found this step by step instructional video by Andy Wong to be super helpful!

The next step we looked at was the BasicWeave. It starts with a reverse turn, the basic weave then ends off with a natural turn. The man’s part is as follows:

Start off with a reverse turn (1 quarter turn to the left).

Basic Weave (6 steps)

1- Right Foot Back

2- Left Foot Front

3- Right Foot Front ( Go up and turn- land softly)

4- Left Foot Back

5- Right Foot Back

6- Left Foot Turn to the side left.

End with a Natural Turn ( Right Turn)


Photocredit: dancecentral.info

Here is a helpful video tutorial!

There is a variation of this step called the weave from the promenade position. It is similar to the basic weave, however, it is continued from the whisk. The first three steps are different however the last three steps are exactly the same. We did not specifically learn this move, however, we did look at it briefly! The video tutorial is found here.



The final step we learnt was the Reverse Corté which is a fairly simple step.

The man’s part is as follows:

1- Right Foot Back

2- Left Foot close to Right Foot. Don’t put your weight down. Heel turn on the Right Heel and rise on both toes.

3- Hold the position and lower down on Right Heel. Left Foot will be ready to move.

The lady’s part is slightly different and is as follows:

1- Left Foot Forward

2- Right Foot to the side to face center

3- Left Foot Close to Right foot turn slightly on a diagonal.

The  instructional video can be found here.


That’s all for today!

Be sure to check out my final learning project post for a video of our progress!

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed!


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