Final Summary of Learning

I had the pleasure of working on my final summary of learning with Will Whitten, Alexandra Taylor and Maria Brockman. We did a parody of the game Jeopardy. We all came up with questions related to the different topics we covered in class and used a google doc to share our information back and forth. (Seriously so handy! Way easier than trying to contact each person in the group individually! I didn’t know about google docs until I took this class. Definitely a tool I will continue to use!)


googleWe then used a pre-created google doc presentation Jeopardy template and added the questions and answers.jep

We created our introductory videos using flipgrid. We then met as a group and filmed it using Zoom. Zoom has the option to allow you to “raise your hand”, which is how Will knew who “buzzed” in first.

Check out the final project and leave us your feedback!

I have learnt so much in ECMP 355 and have really enjoyed this class!

ECMP 355 has opened my eyes to the importance of technology and digital citizenship in the classroom. As someone who wasn’t familiar with social media and technology I was really intimated by the thought of integrating technology in the classroom and my  personal life as well. Before this class my knowledge of social media went as far as facebook. I though twitter was a boring app used to post useless status updates and blogging was something I was interested in, but never motivated enough to actually do it. Now I am using twitter to further my educational learning, I love blogging and plan to continue to do so both professionally and personally. I feel that this class has prepared me to be a better teacher and has given me different tools to help me teach my students how to use the internet safely. It has also give me new ideas to incorporate technology into the curriculum while still being educational and making it a fun experience.






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