5 card story fun

Last week in class we did an experiment using PechaFlickr. You create a story using random slides on a time limit. It was a fun interactive activity. The best part was is that none of us were physically in the same room! I could definitely see myself using this in class to engage my students to be able to think on their  feet Soquickly and promote positive public speaking skills. As a future Arts Education Teacher with a major in theater it would be a great tool to encourage my students to work on their improv skills..

This week our assignment was to create a fivecardflickr story. To start you choose an image our of 5 images, then it refreshes and gives you a new set of 5 images to choose from until you have 5 images for your story. The control freak in me was having  a really hard time with this! After I chose my first few images I wasn’t happy with the choices that were coming up and I was having a hard time creating my story. I discovered however, that you can hit the refresh button and it will give you a set of new images without losing the images you’ve already selected! I was finally able to create the “perfect” story. (side note- I had an awesome story written about a bird named Tino all with using the random photos originlalyl given to me, and then i got clicker happy and somehow backspaced my way out of the story and had to start over :(.. I think that’s why I was so unhappy with all my choices because in my mind nothing could compete with the story I had written!)

So without further ado, here is my story titled RAK’D


photocredit Bionicteaching

I was walking to my car one day and I noticed an envelope on my windshield with $20 and a note inside that read “CONGRATULATIONS YOU’VE BEEN RAK’D (Random Act of Kindness). Pay it forward! I was so blessed by this Random Act of Kindness I decided to RAK 4 people myself.


Photocredit: Bionicteaching

1)I took my elderly neighbors dog Billy for a walk and let him go for a swim in the lake. I then took him home and gave him a bath and returned him to my neighbor.

photocredit: Bionicteaching

photocredit: Bionicteaching

2) I volunteered at one of the local elementary schools to coach their t-ball program! The little kids are adorable and I had an absolute blast doing it!

photocredit: bionicteaching


3) I went to the nursing home down the street from me and spent some time playing scrabble with the residents. I made a new friend named Mabel, and she reminded me of my grandma. She was the sweetest lady. I will definitely continue to volunteer there.



4) For my last Random Act of Kindness, I spent 24 hours volunteering at my local hospital.

This whole experience was an eye-opener for me and made me realize the importance of volunteering. Helping others was a rewarding experience and I feel like even though I was blessing other people I was far more blessed than they were.

I encourage you all to go out there and RAK someone!

You can check out my whole story here

I encourage you all to go give fivecardflickr a try! It’s a lot of fun! Post the link to your story in the comments I would love to read it!



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