Scratch Style Dance Off

Recently in our Ecmp 355 class we learnt about coding and one of our assignments was to create our own “code animation” using a learn to code website. I chose to use Scratch. Scratch allows you to create games, projects, stories, music, instruments, animation, media, art and characters. You can then share them in the online communiy.

Here is a fun little video that helps explain what Sratch is!

When I first logged on to Scrath to start creating my animation, I was so confused and overwhelmed. I barely understood what coding was and now I was expected to know how to do it. Thankfully though, Scratch has a wonderful list of step by step instructions for different projects such as learn how to create a game of hide and seek, create a virtual pet and introduce them. how to choreograpgh a dance and many others.After playing around with a few of the different tutorials for awhile, I chose to do dance dance dance (an interactive dance scene).

scratch that

List of steps for Dance, Dance, Dance

A quick summery of the list of steps I did is as follows:

  1. choose a background
  2. pick a dancer
  3. add music
  4. code your music
  5. add dance steps (code them)
  6. add an extra dancer or change the background, ect

This turned out to be not as difficult as I was anticpating, but not as easy I thought it would be either! Everything was going well until my script disapperared from my screen. I remembered reading Madison Osterhout’s post about her experience with Scratch and what she did to find her penguin. Right click and select show. Sure enough that was the same problem I had with my dancing dude disappearing!  So thanks Madison!

While my dance off could have used some more work, I feel like I could have spent hours perfecting it, but it is what it is and I am happy with the result. My final animation can be viewed here.

I think it is important for students to learn how to code even if  it’s just simple animations like the ones done on Scratch.  I think that Scratch is a great learn to code program and it could be easily integrated into the classroom and into the curriculum.


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