Review and the Ladies Left Underarm Turn

This week my husband and I continued on our journey to learning the Waltz! We mostly focused on trying to fine tune some of the steps we’ve learnt already, however we did learn a new step! ( This is where it really starts to get fun!)

We added the Ladies Underarm Turn (also known as a six count underarm turn) to our routine. The man’s part or lead is very simple in that he just does a box step throughout and prompts the ladies when to start the turn ( I will explain this in a bit). The ladie’s part is where the turn happens. Start off by doing one half box step (ladies- Right Foot Backwards, Left Foot Side, Right Foot Close). Then bring the left foot forward and walk in a circle for 6 counts (6 steps).  Then complete the pattern by ending with anotehr half box (Left Foot Forward, Right Foot Side, Left Foot Close).

The man’s part is very simple. He does 2 complete box steps. On count 4 he will contiune with the box step configuration, but at this point he will raise his Left Hand to allow the woman to turn under her Right Hand and he will gently guide her through the turn.

The diagrams below as well as a step by step break down can be found here.



For those of you who are visual learner check out this great youtube video of step by step instructions.

So as promised I have included a video of our progress so far! ( I wasn’t able to get my camera working, so it was recorded with the webcam and therefore isn’t the greatest quality, I apologize!) We have a long way to go still, but I am pretty proud of our progress! We need to continue to work on fine tuning the steps and working on our form and maintaining our frame (which will be a lot easier for me after the baby is born and I’m not massively pregnant!)  Hope you enjoy the video!

Here is a breakdown of the routine we did for those of you interested in trying a routine yourself.


1Left Box step

2 Left Box turns

1 Change Step

1 Right Box step

2 Right Box turns

hesitation  step (full 6 counts)

1 Ladies Underarm Turn


The song we used is callled Rains Will Fall  by Kevin MacLeod. We found that it has been easier to practise to the same song rather than to continually change, so this will be the song we use to practise with until we feel more confident to add some new songs to our practise list.


Stay Tuned for next Week!

Hope you are enjoying my learnign experience!




5 thoughts on “Review and the Ladies Left Underarm Turn

  1. You guys are looking great!! Your movements are so smooth and graceful. Well done!

    As far as uploading the video directly to your blog, I’m not sure you can do that without using a YouTube video. I know, though, from trying it out in my posts, that you can have the preview of a video show up in your post, so people can play the YouTube video directly on your blog. To do that, just place the YouTube link right in the body of your post, instead of hyperlinking it to a word. You can check out one of my posts here to get a visual of what I’m talking about. Hopefully that makes sense! 🙂


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