change & hesitations

Last week on our journey to learning the waltz, we learnt how to do a Left Box Turn and a Right Box Turn. This week we learnt how to do a change step (also known as a progressive step), which helped us to move from a left box turn to a right box turn smoothly as well as move around the dance floor continuously.

A change step is a box step with no rotation. You are changing from your left foot to your right foot. This youtube video from was helpful in walking us through the movements of the change step. I also found this video from the same company to be useful in demonstrating how to properly move between the reverse and natural box turns.

The next step we learnt this week was another very basic step called the hesitation step which is defined as: a balance step equivalent to a “wait” or pause for a least one count. Here are the diagrams to represent how this step is done.



This step can be used to take a pause, catch your breath, think about your next step, or if the room is crowded it can help to prevent a collision as it keeps you in one spot.  Here is a video which properly demonstrates the hesitation step.

I was hoping to include a video of our progress, however I am having some equipment malfunctions with my camera 😦 If I can get it working I will post a video in the next few days!

Stay tuned for the next lesson and thanks for reading!






One thought on “change & hesitations

  1. I think it is so awesome you are learning the waltz Chelsey!! In my KHS dance class we just finished the waltz unit. I am super impressed with the different steps you are learning. I quickly found I am not at all graceful enough for partner dancing. I’m excited to follow how it is going for you 🙂


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