Left Box Turn, Right Box Turn

For those of you who have been following this blog I apologize for the delay in getting a new post out! It was a crazy busy week with Thanksgiving, working my last few shifts at work and taking care of this busy household!  Even though it was busy, my husband and I still managed to find some time to learn some new steps to the Waltz and continue on our dancing journey.  Last week we learnt how to count the waltz and the basic box step. My last post with all the details can be found here. This week we learnt how to do the Left Box Turn (reverse) and the Right Box Turn (Natural)

In our last lesson the leader (man) started the basic box step on his right foot and the follower (woman) on the left foot. This week we practised starting the box step on the opposite foot so that we knew how to do the box foot starting with either foot first. Once we were able to do the box step on either foot, we focused on learning the turns. The left box step has 4 “half boxes” Both partners pivot 1/4 turn to their left, which will create a full turn and end up back where you started.  Right turns are done exactly the same as the left turn, but turns are to the right instead of the left.

I found this diagram to help illustrate the man’s part for the left box turn.

Left box turn Man's Part

This diagram helps illustrate the women’s part for the left box turn.

Left Box Turn Woman's Part

While the footwork is important, before any steps are taken, the leader should begin to turn their shoulder slightly to the right, this will help your partner know that you are about to turn and make it easier for them to follow your lead.

For more information I found this blog post incredibly helpful.

Here a youtube video that demonstrates how to to do the Left Box Turn and I also found a youtube video that demonstrates the Right Box Turn.

Hope you are enjoying my learning project!

Stay tuned for the next post!






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