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Up until recently I had no idea that sites such as Feedly, Digg and Inoreader existed, nor did I know what they did. After exploring both feedly and Inoreader I chose to go with feedly. I found that it was easier to use and more user friendly. After I created my account with Feedly I still wasn’t completely sure how to use it, so I took to the internet for guidance and found this really great blog which broke it down step by step! After reading that blog I went to my own account and started searching for my own content to follow ( let me just say, I LOVE how you are able to organize everything! I don’t feel so overwhelmed with information, I  can read what I want to read without having to go through all of the individual links). I like that you have the option to choose from popular categories or to search for topics that interest you specifically.

One of the categories that I created on my feedly was “edtech“. I typed “edtech” into the search engine and it came up with a list of blogs and sites related to that topic. One of the blog sites that I follow is called Free Technology For Teachers“.  I really like this specific site because it  has some  great information on technology programs for teachers. Being that I have limited knowledge of the different technology programs available, I am excited to read through the articles and see what types of different programs are available to me as *soon to be* teacher.




The next thing I did was I searched for specific web addresses that I wanted to follow. For example I created a category called personal blogs to follow and typed into the search box specific websites and blogs that I wanted to follow. So for example I love SINGLE DAD LAUGHING so I typed in his web address and added it to my personal spot. I I like that you can search individual sites. This makes it so much easier to follow your favorite bloggers without having to go to their sites individually.

Surprisingly, Feedly wound up being a lot easier to use then I expected it to be. I was unsure at first, but now I am excited to continue using it to follow new blogs and sites related to my interests. I love that feedly has an app! In the age of technology it’s nice to be able to access everything through my phone.





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